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Enjoy The Specialties Of Vietnam In International Style



THE CAFFINET is “The Coffee House“ in ancient Turkey. It’s a space to enjoy gourmet coffee & tea. The selection of this name expresses a desire to bring a completely new experience for the Vietnamese people, through the instruments, mixing. This style is very popular in the world.

We want to bring the most natural and fresh products like coffee and tea to Vietnam. That inspired us to open our place.

And guess what? We’ve just opened our THE CAFFINET - coffee and tea showroom, located in Hanoi. If you ever come here, let drop by to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in a special way. We guarantee good coffee beans, receipt, tools to make a good coffee cup ever.

Let’s enjoy the specialties of Vietnam in an international style.

Why Us


At The Caffinet, you can taste a delicious cup of coffee and tea with premium quality. We commit that you will enjoy a glass of organic coffee and tea - not mixed with any other substances. You just believe in it! 


You can know the origin of any products in The Caffinet. We use La Viet coffee and Long Dinh tea, all of which are trademarks Vietnam high quality goods. These are organic products from species selection, cultivation, tending and harvesting. Let try a cup of organic coffee and tea with us. 

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  • 108-C3, Hoang Ngoc Phach, Dong Da Dist., Hanoi